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Welcome to B&C Audio’s website. This website is still a work in progress.

Due to the current state of the semiconductor supply, we were unable to order parts for a first batch of mini.SEQ units. Almost none of the parts we used, including the most common around, are available anywhere that we can find, and the lead times are ridiculous, some even only restocking in late 2022.

We’re very sorry to disappoint, but we hope to get back in this once all this supply crisis situation blows over, which, by the looks of it, is going to be around 2023, as we have a handful of other products we wanted to make aside from mini.SEQ.

Thank you!

Our goal is to create hardware that takes the computer out of the music production equation, whenever its presence is not justified. We want artists to be able to express themselves freely through the exploration of our products’ features.

We are based in Portugal, in the Aveiro region, a beautiful place to visit and be inspired by, be it for making music, or music hardware.

You can contact us via e-mail.

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Prototype demonstration

mini.SEQ is a 16 step, 8 bar, 4 voice,portable MIDI sequencer
At just 10 x 6 cm in size and able to be powered by a USB powerbank, mini.SEQ is perfect to carry around with your favourite portable synthesizers and jam on-the-go.

It features:

  • 128 steps with Note, Velocity and MIDI CC value
  • Up to 4 voice polyphony or 4 MIDI channel tracks
  • MIDI Input/Output via 3.5 mm jack (MIDI TRS-A)
  • Sync Output via 3.5 mm jack
  • MIDI live recording
  • Arbitrary length pattern filling
  • Four note chord generator
  • Rule based random sequence generation for:
    • Notes
    • Velocity
    • CC Values
  • Save and Load sequences from a computer via USB
  • MIDI thru capability

Projected sales price is between 80 to 120 € + shipping and tax